Every morning when I wake-up the second thing that I do is read the newspaper (1st thing coffee!). This is a ritual with me. I really enjoy reading the paper in learning what is going on even today with twitter, facebook and the other internet news formats. Obivously, the sports page is big with me. This morning there is an interesting article by the AP about Nat’s Pitcher Stephen Stratsburg. He cites relying too much on his slider for undo stress on his pitching arm and contributing to the inury problems that sidelined him (once again!) during the second half of last season and the playoffs.

He said that because the slider was not a pitch he was accustomed to throwing, he had trouble delivering it exactly the same way each time. Strasburg will start his offseason throwing, as usual, in late December or early January. Until then, strengthening his forarm is key. Wow Interesting!!

Ok—-If Strasburg thinks his delivery is going to be exatly the same everytime, he is sadly mistaken. Think of all the different weather changes early in the year–you think that doesn’t affect the delivery? All pitching mounds are not alike from ball park to ball park –you think that doesn’t affect delivery ? The length of the season–you think that doesn’t affect the delivery? Strasburg talks about making his forearm stronger–makes sense! How about making his total body stronger? Make the Total Body Stronger with Total Body Strength & Conditioning Workouts. Just not the forearm–the total body! You do not throw the ball with only the forearm–yet what I see from most baseball organization about arm care is just that–Arm Care-(rubber bands)—How about Body Care! The entire body has to be Strong & Flexible to withstand the long and stressful baseball season. If the body is weak –THE ARM will PAY!!! How about a Strength & Conditioning program that you actually load the entire body–you actuall lift weights–a program that challenges you, makes you strong and protects you for the entire upcoming baseball season. Simple, right!—-like I tell all my athlete’s “Everything I do is based on science and research, yet it ain’t Rocket Science!”

Next time your coach wants to sell you some Arm Care ask about Total Body Care—it’s the Best type of Care! The type that will last all season and your entie Life! See you soon, leo