My athletes are known for Explosive Power, from middle school, high school to college players all of them out class the competition when it comes to quick bursts of power. My favorite Power Exercises that will make YOU a Dominating Athlete in your Sport! ———
———————————–#2 Concept this Week—COMPETE!!!!!

2. Speed & Agility drills
Much of the need for power in all sports comes in the reaction to a movement of the ball, puck or of the defensive player, because of this athletes must also have the mental awareness to make explosive movements as a reaction. Athletes need to compete in the pursuit of maximal velocity.
Many athletes who are less fleet of foot than their peers will generate a fear of competition, and gravitate toward drills and exercises that they can perform on their own to make themselves faster. This mentality will cripple the speed development of any athlete. Not only does competition offer an athlete an adrenaline boost, increasing their speed output, but it also helps athletes to overcome fear of outcomes, which improves not only speed, but is a valuable mental athletic skill.
Compete with others to build your sprint engine or you’ll get left behind!