……….The everyday functioning of the human body is an integrated and multidimensional system not a series of isolated, independent pieces. Over the last 25 years traditional sports performance training has focused on training specific body parts, often in single, fixed planes of motion. The new paradigm is to present anatomy from a functional, integrated perspective.

Whereas muscles have the ability to dominate a certain plane of motion, the central nervous system (CNS) optimizes the selection of muscle synergies, not simply the selection of individual muscles. The CNS coordinates in all three planes of motion.

Talking theory is great and citing research is very important, but in the end, I think nothing tells more about what a person actually believes in than the programs he or she creates. After looking at program after program and workout after workout there is something that really astounds me. The fact we aren’t as movement oriented as we believe! What do I mean? Many coaches like to brag that their programs are incredibly functional because they squat, they deadlift, they press, and they pull-up. Heck, some even throw in a bit of running, crawling, and handstands. But that still keeps us from really understanding many important aspects of functional movement.

The body really is a complex system made up of many chains. These chains, when they are working well, help us move better, produce more force, and create more speed. However, when there is a weak link in the chain we often don’t address the chains, but rather the muscles and a very general movement pattern. Over the next couple of weeks I will be discussing how I design programs and train athletes using these chains called Subsystems or Sling Systems ………Stay Tune!! Coach Leo