What is the Oblique sling?

Your oblique sling is a line of musculature that runs from your shoulder to the contralateral side of your pelvis. In other words, right shoulder to left hip and left shoulder to right hip. This line of musculature is what rotates our pelvis into side lying. As mentioned, it is our bodies own personal whip. When looking at your torso, your oblique sling begins just above the hip at the external oblique, moves to the rectus abdominus, to the internal oblique, to the

serratus, and into the pec on the opposite side. Note the pictures below for view of the Anterior Oblique system compares to picture of Hockey player Alexander Steen & view of Left Handed Baseball player and

the importance of the relationships of the Anterior/Posterior Obliques. Picturing this line of muscle anatomically allows you to see its importance in generating rotation. It plays a huge role in all rotational sports. As a strength coach that works with overhead and rotational athletes, this is an important concept to understand and continue to find new ways to help your athlete become Faster – Quicker – Stronger & Safer!

A left-handed batter will load up the backswing on his left leg, while rotating his shoulders to the left. This loads up the posterior oblique musculature from the left leg to the right shoulder. As the posterior obliques fires from lower left to upper right, it loads the anterior obliques from lower right to upper left. Once the anterior obliques completes the contact phase, the opposite posterior obliques decelerates the swing.