Functional Movement Screen Test

Why do we perform movement Screen?

Movement screening sets the baseline for evaluating fundamental patterns. This non-biased baseline allows asymmetries and dysfunctions to be efficiently identified. Research has shown us that these asymmetries and dysfunctions can increase the risk of injury by 3.5 times. We use movement screen to quickly and efficiently identify asymmetry and dysfunction in fundamental movement patterns.

Corrective Exercise is an art and a science. The artistic side of corrective exercise take center stage as progressions are adapted to the responses of the individual. What follows is the best “blueprint” we can provide for addressing issues found in the FMS screen.

The Movement Patterns Tested

1) Squatting – Deep Squat
2) Stepping – Hurdle Step
3) Lunging – Inline Lunge
4) Reaching – Shoulder Mobility
5) Leg Raising – Active Straight Leg Raise
6) Push-up – Trunk Stability
7) Rotary Stability – Rotary Stability

Nate Shore – Freshman Baseball Player – Christian Brothers High School

Nate is a great young man –hard worker — smart — has a great attitude & smile. Nate has been working very hard gaining weight and making him self stronger. He is off to a great start this winter. I look forward to seeing him play this spring. In just the last couple of weeks I have seen a change in him–there is no doubt that he we will be a —STRONG Player for CBC!

I have attached his first FMS Test, Exercise Recommendations & videos for your review —we will be retesting him as we go through the winter to prepare for spring & summer baseball. I can’t wait to see what he will be like after a couple years of working together—-I have seen it a hundred times—–

Faster – Quicker – Stronger!

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Jacob Menne Working Hard!