More often than not, athletic events and sports games are won or lost by the speed of the athletes. When you bring your high school or college athlete to my athletic training center, it is my intent to improve each athlete’s speed, vertical jump, and strength. A facet of my progressive system is that each skill will be combined with multi-directional movement patterns that will be encountered in the game. I believe it isn’t the quickest athlete in one direction that is the most effective, it is the athlete that can counter every move with 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quick movements.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) assessments are a very important part of my program. The FMS captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and the competence of basic movements. It will determine the greatest areas of movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries, and will eventually correlate these with an impressive outcome.

The Strength part of my program was constructed around my proven belief in body weight and Olympic lifting. The body weight progression is a uniquely designed program that has worked for me over the last nine years. The tools and skills that are included are kettlebells, dumbbells, planks, bands, sandbags, push ups, running in sand, and pull ups. Using the combination of body weight and movement takes coordination & strength!

I believe in increasing the strength stabilization of an athlete first. You cannot expect an athlete to perform in a competitive game environment without being able to stabilize themselves. I also believe that maximal strengthening, Olympic lifts, Romanian deadlifts (RDL’s), cleans, and power clean’s are a big part of learning how to be a powerful athlete. All of these programs are taught with the correct technique and form, as well the appropriate weight for the appropriate age.

Lastly, we come to the most important part of athletic training and conditioning: Nutrition. How an athlete eats along with what and when he or she eats is an important part of what I teach. The athlete must take ownership of proper diet and nutrition. Some athletes need to gain muscle, while others need to lose weight.


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